Posted by: Shell | June 12, 2010

Mystic crystal revelation. And the mind’s true liberation.

It goes on…

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions

And so, this brings me to homeschooling. As I watch many school children wind down for the year and get ready to “learn nothing” all summer, I’m always intrigued to hear their stories of relief that they don’t have to go back for “THREE MONTHS!”

This in itself is a bit of a misnomer. You see, children get out of school the third week of June and for the most part are back in the last week of August. (Long gone in most places is the “after Labor Day” restart.)

It’s a long time for homeschoolers too. All year long, we’ve been enjoying the parks, beaches, museums, libraries – free of children who don’t know what to do with themselves when they’re not supervised and having their time managed every minute. Likewise, we’ve been fortunate enough to escape (for the most part), playground politics, bullying, and rigid structures and schedules. Now, we say “until September” to our beloved parks, libraries, and other refuges. We’ll think fondly ahead to the “Take Back the Park” parties and start planning our next road trip to escape the contagions of regimented schooling.

Summer school takes on a whole new meaning in our house. It’s something to look forward to with the utmost appreciation for the world around us. Weekend excursions prevail. Week *day* excursions provide us with a taboo feeling of secret joy. Specialty camps for our children. Mom created ones for the homeschool cliques we’ve formed.

It’s the time of year when I take a deep cleansing breath and review what has worked for us and what has not. This year, a lot has worked for us.

The book work has been fine but what has inspired us is our newly resurrected purpose to homeschool. The acknowledgment that we are indeed different from other families and dare I say it, a little better. Not in our abilities to parent but in our understanding of listening to each other and working together as a family more in tune than any piece of high-end German engineering could imagine. We have learned the reason behind our emotions and passions and how to interact with others because of theirs. Something never taught in school.

Also, we have learned what it means to belong to the planet and to each other. We are learning the physics behind our actions. An object in motion tends to stay in motion unless interrupted by an outside force. Treat kindness with kindness. It will stay in motion. Try to butt heads against it, the outside force makes all of us miserable. Be nice. The simplicity in this mantra is almost profound.

The metaphysical understanding that we are all connected makes our homeschooling a precious thing. Not content to just know HOW something works, we take into account WHY it works and moreover, how our presence or being makes it what it is. “A thing is changed simply by observing the thing.”

The metaphysical approach we have taken this year toward schooling has been an enlightening journey of spiritual understanding. We are content to know that there is a place for everything (and everything in its place) and that sometimes for some people that place is school. But what is more important to me is that we have come to a place of understanding that in our lives, nothing could be of lessor importance than an institution’s idea of what our children should learn.

Instead, my children are having a different kind of summer school.

We are striving to learn the following lessons:

Live more simply
Question authority
Ask why
Read a banned book to find out why it’s banned
Consider our impact on the Earth
Help others
Give up a comfort to comfort others
Peace is obtainable
Politics are changeable
Everyone should protest something before they die
There is no embarrassment in standing up for what’s right
God is more than we can ever imagine
Music is more important than so many things
Grass should be laid in and rolled on
Respect a stranger’s culture – though it makes you uncomfortable
There is nothing wrong with a healthy debate
At the end of the night – hugs and kisses are sacred
Nothing is more important than the look of love in a child’s eye toward you.
You really can make a difference to someone, something, sometime
Sing whenever you can

These are the most important lessons school never teaches children yet they are the most important lessons all of us should know… by heart.

Summer school doesn’t have to just be for children. We could all learn a thing or two.



  1. Just found your blog through your post on Mrs. Marsha’s Waldorf group.

    I have to say this was such a pleasure to read 🙂

    Your list is quite similar to mine

    Wishing you (and your family) peace for the journey,

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