Posted by: Shell | October 5, 2010

And so it begins…

New “school” year for the little ones and a deeper Waldorf ascension as we work out what is important and not.

Math has always been an issue in this right-brained house so I took the lead at introducing EVERYONE in the house to math gnomes.  From lapbook games that I invented to having the eldest two put together the nature table to feature our new stars, arts and music have abounded with this new endeavor.

My 16 year old even likes to torture me with an old Pink Floyd song about gnomes.

I apologize in advance for this horrid ear worm.

Actually, I was quite surprised that no one wanted to be a gnome for Halloween.

Nature studies took us to bird watching.  Ornithology has always been an interest of mine so I’m thoroughly enjoying this aspect of school.

Frogs?  Not so much.

When I was little, I played a game of whiffle ball in the front yard and stepped on no less than a dozen toads.  Since then, we have tried to stay away from each other.  ::shudder::

Crafting has taken a turn to gnome making.  Perhaps I’ll cast on a gnome hat and little blue baja jacket.  (He’ll be a progressive gnome… or surfer gnome.  I’m sure they exist – surfer gnomes I mean.)  :o)

In the meantime, my four year old has been totally immersed in this wonderful world of imagination.  A letter a week has been fun for the whole family, actually.

This week’s letter?  “E”  Energetic, enthusiastic, effervescent, and energized by the enormous amount of life around us.


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