Posted by: Shell | October 7, 2010

Gnomes in my lap

This was a fun one.

I’m a personal fan of Dinah Zikes’ Big Book of Books and this presented a great opportunity.

A gnome lapbook based on Waldorf math gnomes, Roman numerals and their matching Arabic ones. Textiles, Cricuts, scrapbooking paper, and paper punches. What more could a crafty girl want?

The concept was easy, the 5 math gnomes (more or less – I’ve seen different amounts of gnomes with different stories), mushrooms (in paper – it’s not that kind of party) and mathematical concepts.

Closed lapbook for gnome math

Doesn’t look so hard, does it?

But when you open it up!

The inside!

Like opening a locket!

The booklets on the left are actually just windows. On the outside are the Roman numerals. On the inside are the Arabic numerals they match.

Left inside flap with windows

On the right, the mushrooms have the Arabic numerals and the circles on the tree (the gnomes live under and inside that tree) have the Roman numerals.

Gnome Tree, jewels, Yellow Gnome, and mushroom numbers!

If you don’t have Dinah’s books, there are TONS of examples of lapbooks online. One of my favorite sites is this one:

Homeschool Share

Love love LOVE it! But a Google image search for Lapbooks will have you coming up with your own ideas in no time flat.

And if you don’t know the gnome math stories, Serendipity’s site will give you an idea. You can also find the story in Oak Meadow’s First Grade Syllabus.


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