About Me

I’m Shell (short for “Shelley”)

* Gender: Female
* Astrological Sign: Leo
* Industry: Arts
* Occupation: Artist
* Location: Hampton Roads : VA : United States

About Me

I am an artist who creates all kinds of things whenever the mood strikes me. I have 4 beautiful children (I’m so crafty I make PEOPLE too!). I homeschool all 4 to give them the freedom to learn and create without borders or blockades.

* Sewing
* crocheting
* knitting
* tatting
* embroidery
* sumi-e
* baking
* cake decorating
* anything art related
* song writing
* poetry
* homeschooling

Favorite Movies

* Somewhere in Time
* Star Trek IV
* The Rundown
* Real Genius
* Alien
* Silence of the Lambs

Favorite Music

* Alternative
* Classic Rock
* Classical
* Folk

Favorite Books

* Craft books
* Horror/Suspense books
* Forensic Case Files/True Crime



  1. Hi Shelley,

    I work in a public library and we have a great group of stitchers coming to programs. Many of them belong to Ravelry. This year, we’ve decided to host a KAL each month and I would love to use A.B.’s Bear Pair as one of our projects. According to the pattern on Bev’s site, it looks like this would be OK but I thought it best to ask permission if I could track you down. (I’m also going to write to you on Ravelry to cover all my bases.) Please let me know if you would rather we not use this pattern. To the best of my knowledge, our group only stitches for family, friends and local charities.

    Bren Clark

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